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Adobe Acrobat Reader & PDF Files

About PDF

Portable Document Format (PDF) is the de facto standard for electronic distribution of documents because it's the best way to keep the look and feel you created intact. PDF files are compact, cross platform and can be viewed by anyone with a free Acrobat Reader. And you can create PDF files from any application using Adobe Acrobat 3.0 - even directly from paper!

Additional benefits of using PDF:

* PDF files can be distributed globally via e-mail, the Web, corporate intranets or CD-ROM. * Acrobat Reader's navigation and zoom features enable closer review of PDF file text and images, even within your browser!
* PDF files can be easily viewed and printed a page at a time.
* Links, annotations, live forms, security options, video, and sound can be added to PDF files for enhanced online viewing.

Download Adobe Acrobat Reader

Then follow the installation instruction enclosed to configure it with your browser.

Viewing Instructions

On a web page, simply click on a link that identifies the file as a PDF document or click on the PDF icon . If your browser is properly configured, Acrobat Reader should open and automatically display the PDF document. Use the Acrobat Reader controls to change pages and zoom in or out as desired.

Printing Instructions

Once a PDF document is open, use the print control in the Acrobat Reader not those in the your browser menu to initiate printing.

Creating PDF documents

The most reliable and professional PDF's are created using Adobe Acrobat Distiller.

If you have Acrobat Distiller and need instruction please click here. You can purchase Acrobat Distiller from Adobe's Web site.

You can also convert your file to a PDF online. Free trial! Click on button below :

Download the free player
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