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the success and growth of a company is dependent on those who helped make it happen

Graphic / Web Designer
Megan Dessel
04/20/09 - 08/30/10
Started working at GDS 04/20/09.
Megan brings strong graphic design, computer and customer service skills to the company. She received an Associate Degree of Art from the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in San Francisco.

She keeps herself active by knitting, running and hunting for dresses. She was born in Hayward and raised in good old Fairfield, CA.

Megan made the life changing move out of her parents Fairfield house to her boyfriends in Berkeley.

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Developer / Production Designer
Joe Bird
08/18/08 - 01/07/09
He has a strong web development, computer, customer service and organizational background. Joe previously worked at Electronic Arts Inc for 4 years working in the IT department and as a Product Analyst.

He has interest and has taking animation courses. Joe lived and graduated from high school in Hawaii. His wife Jeanamarie has an animation background also. Mariano was a casualty of the USA's deepest recession since the 1930's.

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Graphic Designer
Mariano Chacón
11/09/07 – 12/29/08
He has strong illustration, newspaper and retail experience. Mariano is our senior designer and handles many of the projects that come through our office.

He has interest in the TV series Star Trek and Heroes. Originally hails from the same state as our alumni Angie - Texas. Mariano was a casualty of the USA's deepest recession since the 1930's.

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raphic Designer
Eric Wojan
01/12/07 - 10/25/07
Eric has a varied background to include Illustration, Computer Programming, Game Development and Construction. He is adept at software and hardware problem solving. Currently he is attending Solano Community College. Link 1

ccounting / Graphic Designer Vanessa Moore
07/15/04 - 04/11/06
She picked up where former employee Erin Rosa left off with Office Admin. and Accounting needs. Vanessa brings additional graphic design skills and is presently attending Brooks Art College in Sunnyvale. Vanessa is responsible for continously finding the best possible vendor pricing and quality for our clients. With a retail background she is client-friendly and ready to assist.

Graphic Designer / Photographer
Dan Fein
05/31/02 - 12/22/06
Dan has a varied background to include Photography, Graphic Design, Computer Programming, and Sales. His forte is photography and digital manipulation. Education background is at the Academy of Art in San Francisco, Laney College in Oakland and working as a photographic assistant at various photographers studios in the bay area. Link 1




Graphic Designer
David Benson
04/29/2002 to 10/11/2002
David hails from the state of Washington where he had his own web design business. He then came down to the greener pastures of California, working Kinko's and eventually GDS. He concentrates on graphics, document layout, logos, copywriting, web and 3-D graphics. David moved back to his home state of Washington. Photo 1

David & Dan Fein

Steve, David, Dan
Great card!
Xmas 2007
Susan & David
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Graphic Designer
Kim Diaz
04/05/2001 to 05/13/2002
After working for an animation studio in San Francisco creating interactive children's games and corporate graphics. She brings to GDS extensive web, illustration, and graphic design skills. Her corporate environment background also gives her superior client interaction abilities. A native of Guam, Kim gives the office an "island flavor" contrasted with a "techno" bent. Kim went back to her previous employer, Walmart. Link 1

dministrative Assistant
Erin Rosa
02/19/2001 – 06/18/2003
Worked at GDS from to fill a critical office organizational and accounting need. Erin is responsible for continously finding the best possible vendor pricing and quality for our clients. With an solid retail background she is client-friendly and ready to assist. Her hobbies are pottery and softball. Erin is now staying closer to home. Link 1


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Past Employees include:

• Lauri Kimberly 07/??/93 - 10/??/93
• Dee Dee Donaldson 10/10/93 - 07/11/95
• Addrienne Emmering 08/30/94 - 03/02/95
• Debbie Cardoza 08/02/95 -02/04/97
• Angie Phillips 02/05/97 - 03/01 (fulltime) - 09/06/01
• 07/15/05 - 02/12/08
• Orit Kramer 12/31/97 - 02/18/98
• Stephanie Foreman 06/15/98 - 08/27/98
• Matt Applin 09/14/98 - 09/17/99
• John Myers 02/11/99 - 12/15/99
• Terry Britt 09/27/99 - 05/31/01
• Tracy Dopp 10/15/99 - 11/12/99
• LuAnne Breimon 11/08/99 - 08/15/00
• Jeremy Drennen 02/24/00 - 05/11/00
• Erin Rosa 02/19/01 - 06/18/03
• Kim Diaz 04/05/01 - 05/13/02
• Jo-Anne Steggall 09/07/01 - 01/29/02
• Shan Carter 02/25/02 - 03/25/02
• David Benson 04/29/02 - 10/11/02
• Dan Fein 05/31/02 - 12/22/06
• Zelda Lu 08/04/03 - 09/25/03
• Marcellina Villanueva 01/20/04 - 04/07/04 Intern
• Vanessa Moore 07/15/04 - 04/11/06
• Sabrina Davis 04/26/06 - 05/04/06
• Nelisa Agustin 06/21/06 -
• Eric Wojan 01/08/07 - 10/25/07
• Mariano Chacon 10/29/07/part-time • 11/09/07/full-time - 12/29/08
• Joe Bird 08/18/08 - 01/07/09
• Megan Dessel 04/20/09 - 08/30/10


Sales Rep
Terry Britt
09/27/1999 – 05/31/01
Terry was actually a former client, working as the manager of the Galaxy 8 Theatre in Vacaville where he had hired GDS to do on-screen advertising. He assisted GDS with on-screen advertising for a number of different theatres throughout Northern California. In addition he promoted GDS to various other businesses to help with there marketing and graphic needs. Terry was Manager of Signature Theatre, Jack London Square. - now works as a manager at T-Mobile in Hayward.


Graphic Designer
LouAnn Breimon
11/08/99 - 08/15/00
Copywriter, Graphic & Web Designer. She is now Marketing Director for Solano Arts Alliance in Vacaville.


Graphic & Web Designer
John Myers
02/11/99 - 12/15/99
Web pro. Is now the Web Designer and Tech Guru for the Vallejo School District.


Graphic Designer
Matt Applin
09/14/98 - 09/17/99
Web pro and Designer Extrodinaire for GDS. "The Matt Standard" – Matt set a high standard of professionalism that unfortunate newcomers to GDS must attempt to obtain. Attended Al Collins animation school in Coste Mesa, Arizona. Creative Director at Awareness Corporation Matt's Website 080908


From simple black and white flyers to full color Garson Design Service specializes in providing professional level work and searching out printing at economical pricing.

Please call the GDS at 707 428-1743 for inquiries, a portfolio showing and/or to bid on your upcoming projects.

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Graphic Designer
Angie Phillips
02/05/1997 – 02/12/08
Joined GDS in February 5, 1997 and had been an integral part in the success of our business. She had a varied background having worked for a newspaper in Texas, sand sculptor in Vacaville, Barbara Petty Design in Fairfield. She had a strong illustration and design background and services our wide client base. Her husband retired from the Air Force at Travis AFB June, 2000 with high honors. Angie retired 01/31/01 and got a much needed shoulder surgery sustained from a fall from her horse. She came out of retirement 07/21/05 to fill in for Dan Fein while on a 2 week vacation to China.

Administrative Assistant
Stephanie Donaldson
She was in the 8th grade and volunteered her services (when she gets off the phone talking with friends, which isn't often).

Graphic Designer
Debbie Cardoza
She was instrumental in helping to grow our business back in our humble beginning years. Debbie moved on to Sacramento.

Dee Dee Donaldson
10/10/93 - 07/11/95
Bz Card Pusher, deliveries and better half of owner, Steve... she bravely helps out when others are out. She has an extensive fine arts oil painting background. Dee Dee hails from the Sooner state of Oklahoma. DD's Personal Website


707 439-5323









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