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Accounting / Office Admin.

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After reading the following!

We presently have a need for part-time Accounting / Office Administration candidate with heavy experience with computers and organization. Limited to some experience with art. We will train for areas of need. This is an excellent opportunity to learn about the production / graphic design field.

We are located in Fairfield. If person is outside the area, ie: Vallejo, Napa or Contra Costa we may be able to pay for commute time. We do prefer someone local.

Job Opens / Starts
Open now. Start date is flexible. Hours We can work around school schedules but need mostly around work hours when our clients are also working between 9am - 5:30pm Tuesday & Thursday.

Steve Garson - Owner GDS

Step 1

Please read the info text in the right column.

Copy the following questions into your email cover letter and answer. This will help us get a better understanding of your qualifications. Warning: incomplete replies will not get a response!

1. Are you presently working?
What are your present work hours?

Please include school hours if applicable.

2. What hours are you available? Hours are 9am (or 10am) - 5pm but also flexible.

3. What hourly $ range are you comfortable with? Cannot put negotiable, must be actual numbers to get a response.

4. How comfortable are you in a small creative office environment?

5. Do you have experience with any of the following software:
1. Quicken (accounting):
2. Quark (cost estimates, mechanicals):
3. FileMaker Pro (database):
4. Dreamweaver (web work):

Please see pay range based on software knowledge chart in the right column.

Step 2

Please attach your resume. Because we are a creative environment, not required but of interest - any hobby background in art, photography, pottery, scrapbooking, etc. please attach any jpgs or pdfs : )

Step 3

I, Steve Garson - owner of GDS, will email respond fairly quickly (depending on what deadlines we're trying to get out the door!) usually by same day or 2.

If I feel you are a qualified candidate I will email / call back for you to come in for a personal interview.

Remember this is a creative environment so don't sweat it! We are professional but also a relaxed studio. If you come in with good computer skills and an interest art/design/photography/creative atmosphere - we can train the rest!

  About Garson Design Services

We are a small 3 person studio in a professional home office environment. We do quality design work recognized throughout Solano County and Northern California. We provide print and web at economical prices to our clients. Our clients range from large multi-million dollar to small 1-person businesses. We service the growing Solano County area.

The Job

Accounting / Office Admin.

Pay range:
$8 - 12/hr depending on skill level. Below rates are negotiable and not fixed

Would be someone with excellent computer skills and bent toward accounting, organization and office skills. We will train for needed software skills. Depending on ability to pickup the software skills we will give raise after 3 month probation period. This covers some of our time/cost to pay you to train you.

Would be someone with excellent computer, small office accounting, organization and office skills. Have good experience with some or all of the following software: Quicken, Quark, Filemaker and Dreamweaver. Depending on persons ability to pickup any of the missing software skills, we will give raise after 3 month probation period.

Advanced experience
We prefer someone without large office or accounting department experience.

As this we are small business benefits are limited. You are paid by the hour. It is rare but overtime hours are time and a half.

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